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SUFB 536: How The Decline Of Chinook Salmon Is Effecting The Southern Resident Orca Population

The Southern Resident Orca Population are considered a Schedule 1 Endangered Species by the Canadian Species At Risk Act. The main reason for the decline of the Orca population which only has 75 individuals left is because of the lack of Chinook Salmon, this according to Dr. Naomi Rose. Dr. Naomi Rose is our guest […]


Caspian Summit Fails To Resolve Issues Between Iran And Nearest Neighbors

AQTAU, Kazakhstan — Though the presidents of Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Turkmenistan have long left the Caspian Sea summit, several questions remain about the joint document dividing the sea that they signed in Aqtau on August 12. Though some progress was made and several longstanding issues resolved — the major undecided problem appears to […]


Sheriff David Clarke’s Deputy Goes Down in a Night of Big Wins for Wisconsin Progressives

While a primary victory by ironworker Randy Bryce won headlines in Wisconsin, a lower-profile race signaled another significant victory for criminal justice reform strategists who have embraced electoral politics as a direct route to change. In Milwaukee, former MLB security official Earnell Lucas won the Democratic nomination for sheriff, which almost guarantees he will win the […]


We Can’t Confront Fascism Without Addressing White Settler Colonialism

Why Indigenous resistance is central to the fight against white supremacy. The white invasion brought white supremacy to Turtle Island, and people indigenous to this land have been suffering from it for more than 500 years. The white supremacists didn’t come to Washington, D.C. on August 12. They were already here, occupying the White House, […]


EWG Responds to General Mills and Quaker Oats: ‘Legal Is Not the Same as Safe’

WASHINGTON – The Environmental Working Group is disappointed that General Mills and the Quaker Oats Company have brushed aside consumer health concerns raised by new research that found the cancer-causing weed killer glyphosate in Quaker Old Fashioned Oats, Quaker Dinosaur Egg Instant Oatmeal and Cheerios. The companies claim that the levels of glyphosate remain within […]


Keith Ellison Must Withdraw From Race For Attorney General

WASHINGTON – U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison has won the Democratic primary for Minnesota Attorney General, following an ex-girlfriend’s claim of domestic violence that she called “narcissist abuse” from Ellison. If the allegations are true, Keith Ellison has no right to serve as the state’s chief legal officer. And he had no right to run under […]


From 'Presidential Lyceum' To Jihadist Drifter: The Mutable Path Of An Accused Terrorist 'Ringleader' In Tajikistan

DUSHANBE — When Gulshehra Shodmonova’s wayward son used to phone home, saying he was in Russia, Kazakhstan, or even Dubai, she worried that the young man who’d turned his back on a promising education was courting trouble. He might land himself in jail, she said, for stealing to feed himself. She never imagined he would […]


Church Helped Ex-Priest Accused of Abuse Get Disney Job

HARRISBURG, Pa.—A sweeping grand jury report into child sexual abuse in Roman Catholic dioceses in Pennsylvania said church officials gave a former priest a positive reference to work at Disney World, even though they’d fielded at least one allegation about him sexually abusing a boy. The ex-priest, Edward Ganster, left the priesthood in 1990, moved […]


Turkish, Russian, Iranian Leaders Play The Autocratic Blame Game

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has a near monopoly on power in his country, wielding robust control over the economy, the media, and the army. Yet the authoritarian leader has blamed foreign “plots” and domestic saboteurs for the currency crisis and economic hardship plaguing the country. Having dominated Turkish politics for more than 15 years, […]