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Voodoo Zumbies

on January 2, 2011

By Jamie Clifton Samantha McEwen’s debut collection explores the mysterious culture behind voodoo, ritual sacrifice, and muti killings in South Africa. The Edinburgh Heriot-Watt University grad mixes these macabre topics with bright prints to create a collection that works as a meditation on religion whlie brightening up your spring/summer wardrobe. We sat down with Samantha […]

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Desk Fascists of the World Unite

on January 1, 2011

By Elektra Kotsoni Based at India bureau 29 sevak, Harsh Deo Prasad (b. 1947) informs local farmers about the use of fertilizers, irrigation, and other ways to achieve efficiency in agriculture. His monthly salary is 9,100 rupees (about $199). A few years ago, photographer Jan Banning trekked across five continents to see if he could […]

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