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Faisal has been offered secret bags of cash as an apology, but has refused. Bags of cash aren’t accountability – all he and his family want is an apology. They also want to stop others suffering the same fate as them. With this in mind, Faisal, with the help of ECCHR and Reprieve, will be in court next Thursday in Germany arguing about the role Ramstein Airbase plays in the US drone programme. The court will consider, among other things, whether President Trump’s continued efforts to erode transparency and safeguards should be factored into the German Government’s responsibility to protect people’s right to life.

Back in 2016, President Obama passed the Executive Order requiring reporting of civilian casualties. The accompanying statement acknowledged that “if we cannot explain our efforts clearly and publicly…we erode the legitimacy of our actions…and undermine accountability in our own government.”

President Trump’s latest move has done just that. Faisal once said, “a mere body count is not the end of the story,” – but without it, the story cannot even begin.

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