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Parents Who Starved and Shackled Children Get Life Sentence

RIVERSIDE, Calif.—The eldest son and daughter of a couple who starved and shackled 12 of their children spoke publicly for the first time Friday, alternately condemning and forgiving their parents before a judge sentenced the pair to up to life in prison. Since being freed from their prison-like home more than a year ago, the […]


SUFB 760: We Need To Protect Horsehoe Crabs And Here Is Why

Horseshoe crabs are amazing to see along the beaches from Maine to Florida. We often see them in the touch tanks at public aquariums. They are cool looking with their armored shell and prehistoric look. In fact, they are prehistoric. They have been around for 450 million years with little change in their looks. Humans […]


No More Charter Schools in New York State

With a straight face, many millionaires, some media outlets, and Governor Andrew Cuomo are once again righteously demanding an increase in the number of privately-run but publicly-funded charter schools permitted in the State, specifically in New York City where these deregulated schools have run amuck. And again, instead of holding the neoliberal State accountable for […]


Ecuador Judge Orders Detention of Former Foreign Minister Connected to Assange

In the continuation of the post-Assange Ecuadoran crackdown, a judge on Friday signed an order to detain the nation’s former Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino, who is accused of having ties to Assange. It isn’t clear what Patino is to be charged with, but he is accused of being part of an Assange-related plot and knowing […]


US Intel Doubts North Korea Weapons Test Was Successful

Wednesday’s statement from the North Korean state media about a mysterious “tactical” weapons test for which Kim Jong Un was present has been the subject of a lot of speculation. US officials are now saying they don’t think the test was successful. North Korea described the test as a “tactical” weapon with a powerful warhead […]


Zero Tolerance: Inside the Secretive Network of Immigrant Youth Shelters in Illinois

This week, ProPublica’s reporting on the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance policy was named a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for public service journalism (and ProPublica reporter Hannah Dreier won a Pulitzer for her amazing feature reporting on MS-13). We encourage you to read all of ProPublica’s zero-tolerance reporting, but we’d also like to take this opportunity […]