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Democracy and human rights are increasingly under attack around the globe. More than ever, we need dedicated local leaders and organisations able to stand up for the rights of their communities and push for positive social change. But what do these local leaders and organisations need in order to be successful? And how can funders, international organisations, governments and corporations interested in creating social change better enable and support their efforts?

openDemocracy and the Fund for Global Human Rights have collaborated on a series of stories exploring these questions. Each week from today until June 2019, we will release a new story, providing insights into what local leaders and grassroots organisations around the globe need from their international allies in order to create transformational change in their communities.

To kick off the series we are sharing a video interview between Mary Fitzgerald, editor-in-chief of openDemocracy, and Regan Ralph, president and CEO of the Fund for Global Human Rights. In it, they discuss the role of donors in supporting local activists pushing for systemic change.

Stay tuned to openDemocracy and the Fund’s partnership hub for weekly insights from the frontlines of social change.


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