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Loan Torondel was volunteering with refugees and migrants in Calais in 2018. He was convicted of defamation for tweeting a photograph of policemen standing over one of the many people routinely evicted from informal camps.

This criminalisation of people trying to help refugees and migrants is emerging as a dangerous pattern across Europe. But people like Loan are raising their voice in the face of injustice through the #TurnItUp campaign ahead of the EU elections:

“It is people, citizens, who mobilise daily to limit the suffering of people that can build a better society.”

“It is important that European citizens raise their voices in the European elections because in Europe migrants are forced to risk their lives at borders and to live in extremely dangerous camps. We see it in the Mediterranean, in Greece, the Balkans, in Calais.”

“And if we want to change it, it is possible. Solutions exist.”


[1]#TurnItUp: Raise your voice for a fair, free Europe for everyone | Amnesty International ....