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I am very happy to present this interview I had with Erica Moulton, Director of STEM at St. Petersburg College and fellow Oceanpreneur. We chat about all her projects that she has on the go because they each contribute to Marine Conservation in different ways.

Erica’s Director position at the college offers students a chance to get a feel for the hands-on work it will take for various jobs in STEM so there are no surprises in the future after the students graduate. Students get a taste for the field during their time at the college.

Erica’s for-profit business sells kits to schools and other groups to build their very own PVC Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV). People of all ages have a chance to learn how to use technology for underwater exploration and learn to troubleshoot problems that arise in the field.

Erica’s Center For Ocean Exploration is a Citizen Science program that works with the community to help clean up beads in Local Bays after a parade where plastic beads are given out to people for free. The beads end up in the bay from improper disposal.

As you can see, Erica is a rockstar Oceanpreneur who is very busy. During the Interview, Erica discusses how she doesn’t watch TV so these ventures keep her busy.

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