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The Guardian newspaper is reporting, two french police officers were injured following a shoot-out at the house suspected of housing the suspected terror suspects involved in the killings of three children and a rabbi at a Jewish school in south-west France this week.? The raid on the house began at 3am local time.? It is reported by BBC that a 24-year-old man is holed up inside the house where the raid is taking place. The man’s mother has been brought to the scene to aid the negotiations, Interior Minister Claude Gueant told reporters.

The French news channel BFM TV reports the suspects were linked to an Islamist group that it identified as Forsane Alizza.

Soren Seelow, of the french newspaper Le Monde, reports the police tracked the suspect to the house using two clues;? A dealer alerted police that a man had asked him how to remove a geolocation chip on a Yamaha Tmax 550 and the IP address of the suspects brother, who was known to be part of the terrorist group.? The brother has been arrested.

French Police claim the suspect has ties to al-Qaeda.

The suspect threw Colt 45 pistol from the house in exchange for a phone.

BFM TV reports the suspect announced he will turn himself in this afternoon.

The suspect has been identified as Mohammed Merah.

The vehicle that the police blew up in the neighborhood where the assault is conducted belongs to the suspect, told Le Figaro. Weapons were found inside, including a submachine gun.

Neighboring buildings were evacuated.? French police have also turned off the natural gas lines going to the house Merah is holed up in for fear he might try to create an explosion.

Mohammed Merah has admitted killing seven people in a recent spate of attacks in southwest France, according to Paris’s top prosecutor.

Merah was shot dead as police raided the house and he tried to flee out of a window. A sniper shot him in the head.

France 24’s Ebba Kalondo talks about the phone call she received Wednesday morning.

Le Raid a lanc? ? 3h10 l’assaut dans un immeuble du quartier de la Croix-Daurade de Toulouse. Cr?dits photo : REMY GABALDA/AFP

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