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The First Soviet Nuclear Blast Pride Turns To Tragedy 70 Years Later

August 29, 2019           |                                       

August 29 marks the day that the Soviet Union conducted its first nuclear explosion in 1949. Seventy years later, the four decades of tests at the Semipalatinsk site in Kazakhstan are seen as a tragedy in the now-independent country. People living nearby say the effects of the blasts are still being felt.

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Kian Soltani: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

August 23, 2019           |                                       

Watch Kian Soltani play “Popper: Hungarian Rhapsody”, “Schubert (arr. Soltani): ‘Nacht und Träume’” and “Soltani: Persian Fire Dance” at the Tiny Desk. More from NPR Music: Tiny Desk Concerts: Twitter: Instagram: Aug. 16, 2019 | Tom Huizenga — It’s not every day someone walks into our NPR Music offices and unpacks an […]

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Protesters Storm Hong Kong Government Headquarters | Radio Free Asia (RFA)

July 1, 2019           |                                       

The action followed a day of mass protests against plans to allow criminal suspects to be sent to mainland China to face trial. Subscribe to our channel: RFA’s official site: Follow RFA: Facebook: Twitter: About RFA: Radio Free Asia (RFA) is a private, nonprofit, multimedia corporation, bringing award-winning, domestic journalism and […]

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Injured Russian UN Employee In Kosovo Being Transferred To Serbia

May 30, 2019           |                                       

PRISTINA – The United Nation’s mission in Kosovo says that one of its two staff members who were arrested and sustained “injuries” during a police operation earlier this week is being transferred to a medical facility in neighboring Serbia. In a statement on May 30, the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) said […]

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Reality Show: Zelenskiy's Big Day In Six Surreal Moments

April 21, 2019           |                                       

KYIV — Fact has followed fiction. Volodymyr Zelenskiy, a comic actor who plays a common man accidentally catapulted into an exasperated Ukraine’s presidency on TV, has won big in the country’s real presidential election. Almost as remarkably, he appears to be doing it in runaway fashion in a process that both he and defeated incumbent […]

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<!– –> Immigrants and allies in New York City protested outside JPMorgan Chase offices, calling on its complicity in President Trump’s immigration agenda, particularly through its financing of private immigrant detention centers run by the GEO Group and CoreCivic. (2017/08/02) (Erik McGregor/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images) As the case backlog in immigration courts swell and detention […]

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In the latest contest between Democrats and the administration, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin told Rep. Maxine Waters that he wouldn’t come back to Congress if forced to stay past 5:15pm. The comment came as part of a testy exchange between Mnuchin and the California Democrat during Mnuchin’s testimony to the House Committee on Financial Services […]

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Biden, Bernie, and the Bomb

April 9, 2019           |                                       

Will 2019 go down in history as the year of insanity? Has hyper hysteria taken over the entire country? Is it no longer possible to make our way through the hazy maze of Political Correctness? Have we gotten to the point where guns are legal but an innocent hug can get you indicted? Consider this: […]

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Photograph By Shealah Craighead – Public Domain If Donald Trump goes to church regularly, he’s kept it a pretty good secret. He and his wife have made sure to alert the press on the few times he does attend services, for instance on Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day. Otherwise, the president seems to worship regularly […]

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Sarajevo Honors British Metal Star For Siege Solidarity

April 7, 2019           |                                       

Sarajevo’s city council has granted honorary citizenship to Bruce Dickinson, the frontman of the British heavy metal band Iron Maiden. Local leaders thanked Dickinson for coming in December 1994 to give a concert in the city as Bosnian Serb troops were holding it under siege. The singer was decorated at the Sarajevo city hall on […]

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Supreme Court Declines to Put Bump-Stock Ban on Hold

March 28, 2019           |                                       

BOISE, Idaho—The largest supplier of bump stocks turned in its entire remaining inventory to be destroyed — some 60,000 devices. Washington state’s buyback program was so popular it ran out of money. One dealer held a “Viking funeral” for his last bump stock, pouring a can of beer on it and then melting it down […]

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Police In Minsk Block Demonstrators From Opposition Rally

March 25, 2019           |                                       

Police in the capital of Belarus, Minsk, have prevented several hundred opposition sympathizers from holding a rally and detained several of them. The antigovernment rally on March 25 was planned to mark the 101st anniversary of the day in 1918 when Belarusian politicians declared the short-lived Belarusian People’s Republic. The republic ceased to exist the […]

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