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Elections for the European Parliament are taking place across the UK this Thursday, nearly two months after the country was supposed to leave the European Union. How should Brits cast their surprise ballot? Usually turnout is very low, so the first thing is to vote and by doing so to show that Europe matters. For, […]

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In wake of Venezuela coup fiasco, US military threats mount By Bill Van Auken 7 May 2019 One week after the abortive coup launched by Juan Guaidó, the right-wing, US-funded and self-proclaimed “interim president” of Venezuela, Washington has stepped up its threats of a direct US military intervention. Appearing on ABC’s “This Week” news talk […]

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Russia's Lavrov To Meet Venezuelan Counterpart Over Unrest

May 4, 2019           |                                       

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will meet with his counterpart from Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, in Moscow on May 5 to discuss possible steps to help solve the power struggle that is crippling the South American nation. “There will be an exchange of views on the situation in Venezuela and around it in connection with the […]

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Pentagon Developing Military Options to Deter Russia and China in Venezuela

April 15, 2019           |                                       

Under the orders of John Bolton, the Pentagon is busily developing new military options for Venezuela, both for the imposition of regime change, and more specifically for trying to deter either Russia or China from doing anything to help President Maduro. While officials continue to insist “all options are on the table,” Pentagon officials say […]

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Pence: US Determined to Oust Venezuela’s Maduro and ‘All Options Are On the Table’

April 11, 2019           |                                       

Speaking at the UN Security Council emergency meeting on Venezuela, Vice President Mike Pence said that the United States remains determined to see President Maduro ousted, and that “all options are on the table.” Venezuela’s Ambassador Samuel Moncada stated the obvious, that this is a threatened US invasion, and urged the council to do something […]

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” No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No “. In a game of “yes or no”, MPs turned down all options put to them and a No-deal Brexit became more likely than ever, with consequences that are expected to be catastrophic. However, the results of the vote lend themselves to further analysis. Applying Majority […]

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Imagine Being Homeless During the Polar Vortex

February 9, 2019           |                                       

Meet Fellow Worker Gritty, the Anti-Fascist Mascot Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal Is a Product of Youth Uprising Campaign to Defend Mexico’s Sacred Lake Changes Global Activism Two-Thirds of Personal Bankruptcies Are Caused by Illness and Medical Bills Mike Pompeo Claims Terror Threat as Cause for US Action in Venezuela Death and Disappearance: Inside the World […]

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White House Reportedly Asked For Options On Iran Strike Last Year

January 13, 2019           |                                       

President Donald Trump’s national security team asked the Pentagon last autumn for possible options to strike Iran in response to an attack on an area in Baghdad where the U.S. Embassy is located, according to The Wall Street Journal. The newspaper, citing current and former U.S. officials, reported on January 13 that the National Security […]

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