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Landing At Pushkin: Putin Decree Assigns Russian Airports The Names Of Cultural Figures

May 31, 2019           |                                       

It’s already pretty hard to travel to Russia without hearing the name of the beloved 19th-century poet Aleksandr Pushkin. Now it may be impossible, if you fly into Moscow. President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree attaching the names of historical figures to dozens of airports across Russia, from Moscow to Magadan. Under the decree […]

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Now Arriving At Pushkin International Airport: Russians Choose New Names For Airports

December 4, 2018           |                                       

Russians participating in a nationwide online poll have chosen to rename Moscow’s gateway international airport after the beloved 19th-century poet Aleksandr Pushkin. Rossiya-1 TV announced on December 5 that a majority of participants chose to swap the airport’s current name Sheremyetovo for the poet whose writings have been adored and memorized by millions of Russians […]

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