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May 29, 2019           |                                                  |          Download Audio

FCC to Hold Big 5G Auction, Spend $20 Billion for Rural Internet

April 12, 2019           |                                       

WASHINGTON—The U.S. government will hold a massive auction later this year to bolster 5G service, the next generation of mobile networks. President Donald Trump showcased the announcement Friday, declaring that the race to set up these faster, more powerful networks is a competition “America must win.” “We cannot allow any other country to outcompete the […]

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Besides, in today’s Europe, when some radical right leaders such as Salvini praise the Russians and share the Kremlin’s desire to destabilise the European Union, others, such as Poland’s Jarosław Kaczyński and the Law and Justice Party – despite sharing Salvini’s aim to break the ‘Germany-France axis’ in Europe – come from a very different […]

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Two Indiana Police Officers Face Federal Charges in Videotaped Beating of Handcuffed Man

March 22, 2019           |                                       

Cory Newland, left, and Joshua Titus The Tribune left phone messages on Friday for attorneys representing the officers in Elkhart County. Neither Newland nor Titus has returned calls seeking comment in the past. Five months after the incident, Elkhart’s police chief at the time, Ed Windbigler, gave the officers written reprimands. Speaking to the city’s […]

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Filmmaker Frederic Tcheng on viewing fashion through a documentary lens, creating a film about the designer Halston, and moving into narrative filmmaking. You’ve made several big-name fashion documentaries. How do you typically land on a subject? For Halston it started with the producer, Roland Ballester, coming to me. He had a contact with the Halston […]

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Top Huawei Executive Sues Canada Over Her Detention

March 3, 2019           |                                       

TORONTO—An executive of Chinese tech giant Huawei is suing the Canadian government, its border agency and the national police force, saying they detained, searched and interrogated her before telling her she was under arrest. Lawyers for Meng Wanzhou said Sunday they filed a notice of civil claim in the British Columbia Supreme Court. Canada arrested […]

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Tajikistan Mulls Reopening, Building New Mosques

February 6, 2019           |                                       

Tajikistan has set up a special commission to assess whether the country needs to build new mosques and reopen some of the places of worship that had been closed down by authorities in recent years, a government official says. Sulaimon Davlatzoda, the head of the State Committee for Religious Affairs, said on February 6 that […]

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Homelessness needs political solutions. But as temperatures plummet, communities are also finding a new way to both immediately practically help, and connect with, homeless people. Image: Take One, Leave One At some point today, you probably walked past one of the 5,000 people who slept rough last night and temperatures across the UK plummet, the […]

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