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Opposition Leaders Address Moscow Protest

July 20, 2019           |                                       

More than 10,000 people have gathered in Moscow to protest against the controversial ban of some opposition candidates from Moscow city-council elections set for September. The July 20 rally was addressed by leading figures of the Russian nonparliamentary opposition. Originally published at –

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Big Joanie

May 29, 2019           |                                                  |          Download Audio

How A Russian Student Saved ‘The House With The Lion’

May 1, 2019           |                                       

A crumbling wooden house in Russia’s Saratov Oblast was due to be demolished — and with it, a set of unique murals by members of the Old Believers sect. But a visiting student from St. Petersburg decided to do everything she could to save it. Originally published at –

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FCC to Hold Big 5G Auction, Spend $20 Billion for Rural Internet

April 12, 2019           |                                       

WASHINGTON—The U.S. government will hold a massive auction later this year to bolster 5G service, the next generation of mobile networks. President Donald Trump showcased the announcement Friday, declaring that the race to set up these faster, more powerful networks is a competition “America must win.” “We cannot allow any other country to outcompete the […]

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Besides, in today’s Europe, when some radical right leaders such as Salvini praise the Russians and share the Kremlin’s desire to destabilise the European Union, others, such as Poland’s Jarosław Kaczyński and the Law and Justice Party – despite sharing Salvini’s aim to break the ‘Germany-France axis’ in Europe – come from a very different […]

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