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Posted by Tom Engelhardt at 7:49am, February 14, 2019.Follow TomDispatch on Twitter @TomDispatch. Veni, Vidi, Tweeti (I Came, I Saw, I Tweeted)An Obituary for the RepublicBy Tom Engelhardt What dreamers they were! They imagined a kind of global power that would leave even Rome at its Augustan height in the shade. They imagined a world […]

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Living Apart, Coming Undone

December 6, 2018           |                                       

By Joaquin Sapien, ProPublica, and Tom Jennings for Frontline Photos by George Etheredge, special to ProPublica December 6, 2018 This story was co-published with Frontline and The New York Times. The stench from Abraham Clemente’s apartment in Flatbush, Brooklyn, this summer was overwhelming. Maggot-infested scrambled eggs were strewn across the floor; a cantaloupe was so […]

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