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Confronting Parental Disappointment on Trans Issues (10 Out of 10) | MY HOUSE

June 30, 2019           |                                       

In the season finale, these future legendary children travel to Chicago to compete at The Annual Midwest Awards Ball. Subscribe here: Come find us: Broadly | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram | Pinterest | Newsletter | More videos from the VICE network |

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Are We Alone? | VICE on HBO (Trailer)

June 13, 2019           |                                       

Scientists are leaping exponentially closer to finding life beyond Earth. Missions to Mars and Saturn’s moons are prime candidates for finding the first signs of life and NASA can now identify more than 3,500 planets outside our solar system, many with habitable temperatures. That number is quickly growing as space travel technology improves and probes […]

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Abortion Ban in Missouri Would Mean Influx of Patients for Nearby States

May 30, 2019           |                                       

Mitch McConnell Is a Master Troll Trump Hasn’t Pardoned the War Criminals Yet, But His Message Is Clear New Report Warns Planet May Be Warming Twice as Fast as Expected Trump Administration Separates Some Migrant Mothers From Their Newborns With No Wage Growth, Study Shows Trump Tax Cuts Are for Oligarchs Why Abortion Polling Is […]

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Bus Crash Kills At Least 11 People In Kazakhstan

April 20, 2019           |                                       

At least 11 people have been killed and some 30 others injured in a bus crash in southern Kazakhstan, on a route used by Central Asian migrants to travel to Russia, the Kazakh Interior Ministry says. The accident occurred on the Almaty-Tashkent highway in the Kordai district of the southern province of Zhambyl in the […]

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Self-declared interim president Juan Guaidó returned to Venezuela without incident, despite having violated a travel ban. NSC chair John Bolton continued his threats against Maduro, warning him not to arrest Guaidó and reaffirming the US’s right to intervene in Latin America The post Venezuela Update: Guaidó Returns, US Continues Threats appeared first on The Real […]

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Passenger Detained After Demands To Fly Russian Plane To Afghanistan

January 22, 2019           |                                       

BREAKING: A passenger who demanded an Aeroflot flight en route from the Siberian city of Surgut to Moscow instead travel to Afghanistan has been detained after the plane made an emergency landing in Khanty-Mansiisk, law enforcement sources told the Russian news agencies Interfax and TASS. More to follow. **** An unconfirmed report from the Interfax […]

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Opponents of Donald Trump’s travel ban have a chance to chip away at it this week by challenging the way it’s been implemented. If they’re successful, Trump will have only his own administration to blame. The argument that a group of plaintiffs is making is straightforward: Because the travel ban was upheld, individuals impacted by […]

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Trump Spars With Chief Justice Roberts

November 22, 2018           |                                       

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump and Chief Justice John Roberts clashed in an extraordinary public dispute over the independence of America’s judiciary, with Roberts bluntly rebuking the president for denouncing a judge who rejected his migrant asylum policy as an “Obama judge.” There’s no such thing, Roberts declared Wednesday in a strongly worded statement contradicting […]

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Czechs Mark Revolution Anniversary With Calls For Premier To Resign

November 17, 2018           |                                       

Thousands of Czechs took to the streets in Prague on November 17 calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Andrej Babis. The protest came on the 29th anniversary of the 1989 Velvet Revolution that ended the communist regime in Czechoslovakia. There have been calls for Babis to resign since November 13 when media in the […]

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Bylaws that Require Parking Drive Up Costs of Housing

September 18, 2018           |                                       

While climate disturbances wreak growing havoc across the planet, Canadian cities continue to mandate pro-car measures that drive-up housing costs and contribute to global warming. Even the most walkable, bike-able and mass transit oriented neighbourhoods still require parking spots to be built in new residences. Finally, last week downtown Montréal eliminated parking requirements for new […]

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British Airways Hit By Major Hacking Attack

September 7, 2018           |                                       

British Airways (BA) has announced a major data breach in which hackers stole information about some 380,000 customer credit cards. The airline announced on September 7 that the attack, which lasted nearly two weeks, did not compromise any travel or passport information. BA CEO Alex Cruz apologized for the data leak, saying it was the […]

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Samir Amin and I at Mayakovski Theatre in Moscow Said Mohammad: Thanks for accepting to do this interview on Samir Amin. I knew you two had met on different occasions and that you gave lectures with him. Can you tell us something about the person behind the ideas and how you remember him? Andre Vltchek: […]

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Turkey Allows German Journalist Held On Terror-Related Charges To Leave

August 20, 2018           |                                       

An Istanbul court has lifted a travel ban on German journalist Mesale Tolu, who has been held in Turkey on terrorism-related charges, her supporters said early on August 20. Her support group, called Freiheit fuer Mesale Tolu (Freedom for Mesale Tolu), said, however, that they have been told her husband, Suat Corlu, who is facing […]

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Turkish Court Again Rejects Appeal To Release U.S. Pastor

August 17, 2018           |                                       

A higher court in Turkey’s Izmir Province has rejected an appeal to dismiss the charges against a U.S. pastor whose prosecution has provoked tensions in U.S.-Turkish relations. The court on August 17 upheld an August 15 lower-court ruling rejecting the appeal to release pastor Andrew Brunson and to rescind the travel ban against him. Brunson […]

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