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Jailed Gulnara Karimova Asks Mirziyoev For Clemency

June 24, 2019           |                                       

Gulnara Karimova, the eldest daughter of the late president of Uzbekistan, who is serving a prison term on corruption charges, has asked President Shavkat Mirzioyev for clemency. In a June 23 statement posted on Instagram by her daughter, Gulnara Karimova said she was “sorry,” while expressing regret “over any disappointment that I may have caused.” […]

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Craig Murray asks you to imagine Western media reaction if a Russian opposition politician were dragged out by armed police, and within three hours convicted on a political charge by a patently biased judge. By Craig Murray Both Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange are now in jail, both over offenses related to the publication […]

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Uzbekistan Praised For Curtailing Forced Labor In Cotton Harvest. Activists Say Not So Fast.

April 4, 2019           |                                       

In Uzbekistan, it’s called white gold — cotton, one of the country’s most important cash-crop exports. For decades, hundreds of thousands of Uzbeks have been forced to do the annual backbreaking work of harvesting the crop. Last year, according to the International Labor Organization, around 170,000 people were forced to pick cotton, a sizable number […]

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Thirteen Killed In Crash Of Military Helicopter In Kazakhstan

March 27, 2019           |                                       

A Kazakh military helicopter has crashed on a training flight, killing all 13 people on board, the Defense Ministry said. The ministry said the helicopter went down on March 27 in the Zhalagash region in southern Kazakhstan, east of the Aral Sea. The Mi-8 helicopter was part of a group of aircraft flying from Aktau […]

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Three Ex-Telia Executives Acquitted In Uzbek Bribery Case

February 15, 2019           |                                       

STOCKHOLM — Three former executives of telecom giant Telia have been acquitted in Sweden in a high-profile bribery case involving the eldest daughter of late Uzbek President Islam Karimov. Former chief executive Lars Nyberg and two other defendants went on trial in September on suspicion of paying $350 million to Gulnara Karimova in return for […]

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Uzbekistan Reaffirms Readiness To Host Intra-Afghan Peace Talks With Taliban

February 5, 2019           |                                       

Uzbekistan has reiterated its readiness to host talks between Afghan government officials and Taliban negotiators. Uzbekistan’s Foreign Ministry says Foreign Minister Abdulaziz Kamilov expressed the offer in Tashkent on February 5 to the United Nations’ Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan Tadamichi Yamamoto. The ministry quoted Kamilov as saying Uzbekistan is prepared to provide all necessary […]

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Uzbek President Seeks Improved Ties With Germany During Visit

January 22, 2019           |                                       

Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoev says he wants to bring relations with Germany to “a tangibly new and higher level” in order to boost investment and technological cooperation in Uzbekistan. Mirziyoev made the remarks on January 21 after talks in Berlin with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other German leaders. For her part, Merkel said Germany […]

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Majlis Podcast: Rating Uzbekistan’s Progress In Halting Forced Labor

January 13, 2019           |                                       

For the first Majlis podcast of 2019, we decided to take a look at Uzbekistan’s attempts at domestic reform, specifically the pledge to end forced labor in the country’s cotton fields, a decades-old practice. In recent years, as many as 1 million people were conscripted into Uzbekistan’s cotton fields at harvest time. Wages were miserly […]

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Jailed Former CEO Of Uzbekistan's Zeromax Released After 8 Years

January 9, 2019           |                                       

Mirodil Jalolov, the jailed former CEO of the Uzbek firm Zeromax, has been released from a detention center in Tashkent after spending more than eight years in custody without a trial. Jalolov’s wife Fotima Jalolova told RFE/RL that her husband was released on January 8 on the order of a Tashkent court after a hearing […]

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Trial Of Uzbekistan's Former Prosecutor-General Qodirov Begins In Tashkent

January 8, 2019           |                                       

Sources close to the Uzbek government have told RFE/RL that a corruption trial has begun in Tashkent against the country’s former prosecutor-general, Rashidjon Qodirov. The sources told RFE/RL that the trial started on January 7 at Tashkent’s Yunusobod District Court. An official of the Supreme Court, who declined to be identified, confirmed to RFE/RL that […]

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Uzbek Decree Allows Unmarried Couples To Stay In Hotels Together

January 7, 2019           |                                       

Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoev has issued a decree which, among other measures, allows unmarried couples to share rooms in hotels across the former Soviet republic. According to the decree that was made public by the National Information Agency of Uzbekistan, the move is being made to secure unmarried couples’ “right to a private life.” “…Hotel […]

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Weightlifters from Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Armenia Hit After Doping Tests

December 23, 2018           |                                       

Five weightlifters from former Soviet states, including two former Olympic champions, have been provisionally suspended after retests of their samples from the 2012 London Olympics came back positive for doping, the sports’ governing body says. International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) on December 23 identified the two former gold medal winners as Ukraine’s Oleksiy Torokhtiy and Uzbekistan’s […]

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Majlis Podcast: Uzbekistan Holds A Human Rights Conference

December 2, 2018           |                                       

On November 22-23, Uzbekistan hosted the Asian Forum on Human Rights in the city of Samarkand. It was a sign of how Uzbekistan is trying to change its image since President Shavkat Mirziyoev came to power at the end of 2016. Prior to that, Uzbekistan was considered a rights abuser, not a host nation for […]

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Cabernet Mirziyoev: Uzbek President Sets Sights On World-Class Winemaking

November 5, 2018           |                                       

The bounteous vineyards of the Ferghana Valley once created a wine that had Marco Polo singing their praises. Or so the story goes. “Samarkand, Bukhara, and other magnificent cities are places decorated with gardens and vineyards,” one source quotes the 13th-century Venetian explorer as saying, although the quote could be apocryphal. “I had to drink […]

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