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Venezuela says that Washington’s coup attempt failed. This week on Intercepted: As Mike Pence and Elliott Abrams ratchet up U.S. propaganda for regime change, California Rep. Ro Khanna tells us he is ready to invoke the War Powers Act in an effort to stop military action. He also discusses the economic sanctions, Marco Rubio’s Twitter threats against Maduro, and what he believes the U.S. position towards Venezuela should be. Trump’s new Attorney General William Barr has been a major promoter of extreme executive power throughout his career, including advocating for pardoning Iran-Contra criminals. New York Times reporter Charlie Savage discusses the rise of theory of the unitary executive and how it and Barr could impact the Trump scandals and U.S. national security policy. Did CIA director Gina Haspel run a secret CIA black site at the Guantánamo Bay prison after 9/11? A newly declassified transcript suggests she did. Carol Rosenberg, the only journalist covering the Guantanamo prison and trials full-time, joins us for a wide-ranging conversation. She discusses 17 years of reporting, controversies around prosecuting detainees, and the evidence that Haspel’s covert career included a stint at GTMO.  Jordan Carver, the author of “Spaces of Disappearance: the Architecture of Extraordinary Rendition,” takes us on an audio journey mapping the covert CIA program.

Transcript coming soon.

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