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Kim Jong Un’s weekend warning that a further summit would be dependent
on the US showing new flexibility and coming into the talks with a
better attitude came with a deadline of the year’s end. This was a major
statement, further worsening the situation after the Hanoi Summit.

South Korea’s President Moon quickly tried to get a handle on it by proposing a new summit. President Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, however, offered completely different versions of events, not just from Kim’s comments, but from one another.

Pompeo was very dismissive of Kim wanting US flexibility, insisting that
Kim had already agreed to denuclearization, and that the only thing the
US wants to see is him keeping his promise before the US considers any

Which was very different from Trump’s own comments. The president
insisted everything is “moving along just perfectly,” with the sanctions
and everything, and he gets along so well with Kim that he has every
confidence in the process.

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