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Short on evidence but with a rich wealth of rhetoric, US Gen. Robert
Abrams condemned North Korea during a House Armed Services Committee
hearing, accusing them of “nuclear and missile activity” that is “inconsistent with denuclearization.”

The general provided no evidence for any of that, of course, and seemed
to be relying on dubious allegations of repairs at a former missile
launch site, which as South Korean officials have noted isn’t in and of
itself “missile activity.”

Replacing a door on a building or putting up a new roof was fine for the
US to start speculating about North Korea’s ultimate intentions, but as
the last diplomatic meetings get farther away, officials seem eager to
further stretch this into an imaginary violation.

Worse yet, the violation of “denuclearization” comes after President
Trump walked away from a deal on denuclearization at the last summit.
Now, no proper deal actually exists, and that the US is still claiming
incongruous behavior is likely to only add to North Korea’s conviction
that the US is not treating the matter seriously.

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