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James Gillray, "The Plum-Pudding in Danger" (1805). Colored engraving, 240 x 340 mm. British Museum, London. (Image via Web Gallery of Art)

James Gillray, “The Plum-Pudding in Danger” (1805). Colored engraving, 240 x 340 mm. British Museum, London. (Image via Web Gallery of Art)

On Wednesday, Hyperallergic’s Jil Steinhauer reported the story of artist Suprina Kenney, whose sculptures, which included found objects made of metal, glass and wood, were removed from the Morris County Administration and Records Building in Morristown, NJ, because the sheriff, Edward Rochford, “decided that they were ‘possible weapons to be used against the public.’”

As for her allegedly dangerous artworks, Kenney concluded, “you could pull a painting off the wall and break the frame and have a bat. So at what point does this end?”

“Art is dangerous. It is one of the attractions: when it ceases to be dangerous you don’t want it”

—Anthony Burgess

“America is not so much a nightmare as a non-dream. The American non-dream is precisely a move to wipe the dream out of existence. The dream is a spontaneous happening and therefore dangerous to a control system set up by the non-dreamers.”

—William S. Burroughs

“I fear animals regard man as a creature of their own kind which has in a highly dangerous fashion lost its healthy animal reason — as the mad animal, as the laughing animal, as the weeping animal, as the unhappy animal.”

—Friedrich Nietzsche

“Old men are dangerous: it doesn’t matter to them what is going to happen to the world.”

—George Bernard Shaw


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