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The political femicide of Marielle has become a political symbol in Brazil. Her death was recently commemorated in Rio’s carnaval where many samba schools made a homage to the murdered activist whilst demanding justice for this unforgivable crime.

For those reasons, we present to you what you need to know about the case of Marielle Franco 365 days after her brutal murder took place.

The case moves forward slowly

Three moments have been key in unravelling the truth regarding this political crime. The first, the detention in December 2018 of Marcello Moares Siciliano, also a counselor in Rio de Janeiro. He was identified as the supposed intelectual author of the crime and he is being directly accused of being involved in the murder.

The State Prosecutor and the Police searched his home and found material connected to the murder that also pointed towards two ex-military police officers who were also detained as possible complices.

The second, in January of this year, was the major revelation that these two military police officers have dark connections to Flavio Bolsonaro, the son of president Jair Bolsonaro, who is currently a senator. The accused are suspected to be members of the militia group ‘Escritório do Crime’, one of the most dangerous criminal groups currently in the west of Rio de Janeiro.

According to the investigation, they could be the material authors of the crime, given that Marielle’s activism could have limited their criminal activity in the region.

The third, is the unexpected arrest of a military police officer and another ex-police officer only a few days before commemorating one year since her murder.

One is accused of pulling the trigger, and the other of driving the vehicle used for the attack. These appear to be the first concrete results of a complex investigation that remains plagued with uncertainty that would confirm the Brazilian state’s role in the murder.


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